The Wine Collection

2011 Buyers Choice
Award for Best
New Concept!

Finally, the perfect balance of Wine & Chocolate – prepare yourself. This is the absolute must-have gift of the year!


As if the collection wasn't good enough already! We've really pushed the envelope now for wine enthusiasts! Meet our new additions to our wine family: Blend Wine Caramel & Tempranillo Ganache.


Blend Wine Caramel mixes Zinfandel, Merlot & Syrah with Red Raspberry to unleash one of our most amazing caramels yet!


Tempranillo Ganache plays with Spanish Wine and a touch of Morello Cherry making it fun, interesting and delicious at the same time.


Spicy Merlot is one of our most complex pieces yet, layered with spice and
wine, it's sure to please even the most sophisticated pallets.


Lastly our Cabernet Caramel is perfectly balanced that allows just the
notes of the grape to come through.

The Wine Collection comes beautifully packaged in the satin wine bottle
bag shown along with Cocoa Flavor Map. If you're looking for a unique gift
to give - this will most certainly make a statement!



Edible weight: 7oz
Shipping weight: 2lbs