Please be advised on all Nut Free options for this year, we have removed all peanut butter, hazelnut, tree nut options from our collection that you have chosen BUT please know we are in a cross contamination building so traces are ALWAYS a risk.

***If you or your gift recipient have an AIRBORNE Allergen, please DO NOT purchase these products. These are 100% for guests who just CAN NOT eat nuts/tree nuts aka Ingestion Allergy. ***

We take allergens very seriously and put health and safety above all. We opened this offering this year as a first time trial because clients continue to ask, and for the past 5 years plus, guests with allergen children/friends/family, have ingested our items (that we guided them on) and happily no responses. We host allergen parties yearly and have all children/family/fiends partake and no response.  

please email for any and all questions and concerns.

Thank you.